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Diarrhea Alleviation through Zinc and Oral
Rehydration Therapy (DAZT)

The Diarrhea Alleviation through Zinc and ORS Therapy (DAZT) project works with both the public and the private sectors to reduce diarrhea among children and increase child survival in two states in India, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. DAZT is implemented by FHI 360 in partnership with the Micronutrient Initiative (MI), the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and UNICEF. FHI 360 focuses on the private sector, while MI deals with the public sector, Johns Hopkins manages evaluation, and UNICEF handles knowledge management.

FHI 360 targets Formal Sector Providers and Informal Health Care Providers through innovative behaviour change techniques and repetitive visits to ensure use of Zinc and ORS in child diarrhea. The routing andoutcome of the daily visits (product sales) are monitored through Electronic Territory Management System and a tracking survey monitors the progress in rural medical practitioners’ prescription behaviour every quarter.

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